PSE TAC-15 Compound Crossbow

I want another crossbow now, the PSE TAC-15 compound crossbow, there are all kinds of advantages to this design. The deck-less design is incredible, the TAC-15 uses a whisker biscut to effectively make it so the bolt does not need a deck to fly down. My souped up Varminter AR-15 lower with a Magpul PRS stock and match grade trigger are completely compatible to the design as well. Plus the crank cocking device on the TAC-15 is not an extra, it comes built into the crossbow upper! The PSE TAC-15 performes the most amazing feat ever by a crossbow, it shoots it's arrows (yes it shoots arrows, not bolts) at speeds up to 415 FPS! With incredible accuracy. If I cook up enough cash to get one I will make my own video, but heres the Promotional video for you, enjoy!

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