Pre-BAN Colt Sporter HBAR for sale

I Have this gun listed for sale on, A no reserve auction started at $800! This is a steal deal happy bidding! PRE-BAN Colt Sporter HBAR

This gun has had less than 500 rounds through it, it's rare to find one of these in this condition. This PRE-BAN Colt Sporter HBAR is in beautiful shape, it comes with 1 standard 30 round aluminum law enforcement magazine, the original colt 20 round straight mag, and a Colt issued nylon sling, still in the plastic. You can see by the pictures, the condition of the buffer tube and hammer tell you how many rounds went through this gun, not many. The paint on the hammer is barely worn through, and there's just a small ring where the bolt carrier impacts the buffer tube.

It has a 20" barrel 1/7 twist designed to shoot the 5.56 NATO. Optimal grain weight 64 grains. It fires and cycles and fires .223 and of course shoots lower grain bullets, but 1/7 tends to over stabilize light grain bullets, making them over penetrate soft fleshy targets.

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