Springfield M6 Scout

This rifle was designed to be used as a bush pilot survival rifle, but its a good rifle to throw in your survival pack. This rifle is a basic, no bells and whistles package meant to never break on you in a plane crash (its a bush pilot gun) or in the field. It's a well thought out piece and its very functional.
You can kill almost anything with a .410 slug, and the .22 LR is a fantastic round for a survival rifle, because you can carry a lot of ammunition, and it weighs very little. Theres not enough credit given to the .22 for it's killing ability I know an old guy in MT who grew killing deer with one .22 LR bullet(he never shot over 30 yards).

Length: 32"
Barrel Length: 18 1/4"
Breaks down to 19"
Caliber: up to 3" .410 & .22 LR
Weight: 4.7LB

Check out what you can do to this rifle, if you are really interested in investing in a rifle like this you should see this article and the photo's



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