Obama & Biden on 2nd Amendment

I read the latest NRA article in Freedom First and it's not looking good for the gun owners of America, Biden has a horrific record of voting for anything to hurt our constitution, by mitigating our 2nd Amendment rights, and even the outright ban of firearms! He was even heard boasting that he wrote up the Clinton "Assault Weapon Ban".
Obama has indicated that he is quite willing to go along with the anti 2nd Amendment parties and is clearly on their side. New legal material has been written up and is going through the legal channels right now to impose new threats to gun manufacturers and owners. To name a few,

Micro Stamping:
It will become illegal to sell ammunition that has not been serial numbered.

Ammo With Expiration Dates:
The primers become ineffective after 2 years of shelf life.

Restrictive Laws to Manufacturers:
The Brady Bill (expired 1998 still effective in many states) will almost certainly be put back into effect. And new laws making it easy to sue gun manufactures out of business are on the way as well.

Ammo Tax:
A new and extremely heavy tax on ammo is being proposed that will make it far to expensive to buy ammunition for leisure shooting.

Emissions Laws:
Banning lead because it's a possible emissions threat to animals and people has become an issue If banned, all ammunition will be made from copper, making it much to expensive to shoot.

Solution to the problem:
Don't just lie down and take it! Call your senators, talk to people who seem neutral, convince them that the slow corruption of constitutional rights will eventually lead to their complete downfall. Change is good? Not always, when we stray from the path that the founding fathers have set before America, the path that has made our country great, we put more at risk than we can even yet understand.

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