Bushmaster BA50 .50 BMG

The Bushmaster BA50 is unique in design, it takes down just like an AR style rifle, although it is bolt action. it comes equipped with a steel folding bipod, a magpul adjustable stock, ErgoGrip tactical pistol grip, both the lower and upper receiver are machined from T6-6061 aluminium. It is said on forums that the barret is easier to shoot from a standing position. but with a 30+ lb rifle I'm not sure that should be held against the BA50. The bolt is worked on the left hand side, with right hand side ejection. The Bushmaster BA50 is a Cobb design, bought by Bushmaster.

  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Overall Length: 58" [147.32cm]
  • Length - Stock Retracted: N/A
  • Barrel Length: 30"
  • Rifling: 1 in-15"
  • Weight w/o magazine: 30lbs [13.6kg]
  • Weight of empty magazine: 1lb 7oz
  • Weight of loaded magazine: 3lbs 14.5oz
  • Mode of Operation: Bolt Action


blackfootwarrior said...

Help Help Help.....i bought a cobb bmg 50 lower receiver sometime ago with the thought of getting a upper reciever in a bit....... well now good old bushmaster bought them..... does ANYONE out there have a upper for a bmg cobb 50.... please help me out...


blackfootwarrior said...

i need help.. i am looking for a cobb/bushmaster bmg 50 upper ONLY as i already have alower receiver....purchased a long time ago when the 50 bmg store was still on california.. help