Save Money Building Your Own AR-15 Receiver

Ar-15 prices have gone through the roof. Why? Supply can't meet demand. But here is another option, it will save you money, and will enable you to take more pride in shooting. Build your own AR-15 receiver, don't let the word "build" scare you, it takes less than an hour to do it right the first time. has a great step by step walkthrough on how to build your own receiver, with pictures. But here's how you save money. About $85 for the receivers guts, $160 for the receiver and $50 for a 6 position M4 stock. You have a complete lower receiver for $295! And if you want a 16" small tactical AR, pop a Blackthorne upper on there for $350. Add another $60 for shipping all the parts, and you have a complete AR-15 for $645! But you can throw any upper you want on it. step by step walkthrough on building your own AR-15.

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