Datrex Emergency Water Pouches

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

Water comes first in survival, you need a good clean water source in order to be prepared for natural disaster. These Datrex Emergency Water Pouches, provide a portable, clean, sterile, water source for you and your family. Each pouch holds 4.2 oz, an easy weight to carry for children and adults both. These pouches are meant for portable drinking rations that can be quickly dispensed in emergency situations.

  • No Leaking Pouches! Superior packaging
  • Fast & Easy to dispense and handout in an emergency
  • No water treatment or filters needed
  • Purified drinking water
  • Flexible and extremely compact
  • No cups to buy or store. Drink straight from the pouch
  • Less trash after use (compared to water boxes)
  • The brand used on more cruise ships as lifeboat water rations than ANY other brand in the world! (They're very picky… for good reason!)
  • U.S. Coast Guard AND International Coast Guard Approved (only brand to have it)
  • Long shelf-life: Min. 5 YEARS
  • Each pouch is individually date stamped
  • Can be frozen without harm to sealed pouch
  • Can be frozen an used as a "cold pak"
  • Conveniently boxed – 64 pouches per case
  • Weighs less than 21 lbs. per case

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