The Sadly Underestimated .22 LR

The .22 LR sidearm. Claimed by American Rifleman NRA Magazine April 1969 edition, to be one of the most useful or adaptable tool on a big game hunt. Great for signaling, dispatching snakes, and coup-de-grace shots on trophies where a bigger bullet would harm the head mount or waste the meat. They are also great fun for informal, inexpensive plinking after the hunt is over. Revolvers are the most popular choice.
Of course that was written in 1969, if caught shooting a deer with a .22 LR now days you would be fined and your privileges taken away. People today who are thinking about spending the big bucks on magnum caliber revolvers for a secondary weapon should take into account the light weight of the smaller framed .22 revolvers, how inexpensive the ammo and the gun are, and the general practicality of the .22 handgun

Smith & Wesson Model K22 .22 LR
Smith & Wesson Model 617 .22 LR (10 shots)Colt Diamondback .22 LRRuger Single Six .22 LR (comes with .22 magnum cylinder)
Any of these revolvers can be found for sale on

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