Cold Steel Black Talon Folding Knife

Cold Steel Black Talon

The Black Talon is made by Cold Steel, and is made with Cold Steels incrediblr San Mai III blade. The San Mai III blade is one of the hardest blades to make, but its worth it. first off "San Mai" means 3 layers, and what Cold Steel has done is taken 2 kinds of steel, VG1 which is an extremely hard carbon steel makes up the inner layer, and a softer more flexible steel is layered over the VG1 carbon steel. The result is a knife blade with an incredible cutting edge and amazing edge retention and the knife blade is flexible and almost unbreakable. The Black Talon was bent to a 60 degree angle in the Cold Steel flex test! The Black Talon is an excellent law enforcement folding knife, was designed for personal defence and knife fighting. The hooked talon blade just grabs whatever is in it's path and slashes it to ribbons!

Blade Thick: 4mm
Blade Length: 4"
Handle: 5 1/4" long G-10 w/titanium bolsters
Overall length: 9 1/4"
Weight: 6.6 oz
Steel: San Mai III®
Polished Stainless Steel Pocket Clip

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