Taylor 1865 Spencer .56-50 Rifle

The Spencer Rifle was developed during the middle of the Civil War and nearing the close of the Civil War Christopher M Spencer personally showed his gun to Abraham Lincoln and let him test fire the weapon. After his presentation of his rifle, Christopher Spencer ended up with an army contract. By 1865 about 48,000 Spencer Rifles and Carbines were in circulation. The original Spencer rifle and carbine came in .52 caliber.

Taylor Firearms has come out with a remake of the Spencer Rifle and Carbine in .56-50 and 45 Schofield caliber. It is a really sweet rifle and I am hoarding all my money to buy one of their Spencer Rifle models in .56-50 (I also want their Sharps "Quigley" model in .45-70).

1865 Spencer Rifle .56-50 or .45 Schofield

1865 Spencer Carbine .56-50 or .45 Schofield

Check Gunbroker.com if you are interested in finding one of these collectible guns.

Lynden WA

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