DPMS Panther LR 308T

Have you been looking for a small tactical entry sized weapon that packs more punch than a .223? If you have then this is the rifle for you! It shoots .308 Win and it features a 16" threaded barrel with an AR (assault rifle) style receiver. For stopping power, .308 Win is about as heavy a load as you want to get for a close quarters weapon. This paticular model is their "snag free" design. It has no shell deflector, dust cover, or forward assist.

Can Be Found on Gunbroker.com for sale.
Lynden, WA


Anonymous said...

A common misconception. The 'AR' in AR15, AR10, and AR180 does not stand for 'Assault Rifle'. It stands for 'ArmaLite' as the AR series of rifles was originally pioneered and developed by the ArmaLite Corporation. The rights to the "AR15" were sold to Colt and the XM15/M16 rifle was designated as the new military std issue rifle. The AR15 nomenclature refers to a semiautomatic variant of the M16, yet the 'AR' continues to stand for 'ArmaLite'.

The AR10 rifle refers to only the ArmaLite trademarked .308 assault rifle/weapon.
Several other brands exist under different names:
DPMS's LR308
Remington's R-25
Noveske's N6
Knight's SR-25

Furthermore, an 'Assault Rifle' is defined by federal law to encompass a firarm firing rifle caliber cartridges with select-fire capabilities. While the AR series of weapons is commonly (incorrectly) called an assault rifle, most civilian models are not as they are not select-fire. The politically correct term is 'assault weapons'.

Good blog you have here Adam!

Stockhead said...

This rifle will shoot both .308 and 7.62 mm rounds.

For the price, this rifle rocks!

Get some.