Buying Guns Online

Many people think its illegal to purchase guns online. Such is not the case, of course there are some restrictions to buying guns online, first of all it is up to you to check the regulations of the state or city that you live in, to see if the transaction you want to make is within legal bounds.
The next step is to buy a firearm online, there are several websites that are wholly dedicated to selling guns, here is a list of a few of them.

If from there you want to buy a gun, then the process is simple, if you purchased a handgun the gun must be shipped from an FFL (Federal Firearms Licenced) Dealer, to an FFL Dealer. For a long gun (rifle) you can ship it from your residence to an FFL Dealer. In each case the party that is mailing the gun needs to receive a signed copy of the FFL Dealer Licence along with payment.

That's all! It may sound a little complicated but after your first purchase online it's as easy as 1-2-3.
Lynden, WA

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