30-06 1951 Mauser

I recently purchased a 1951, 30-06 Belgium made Mauser. Unlike most of the 30-06 Mauser's the ones made in 1950 and onnward, were all originally chambered for 30-06. Any Mauser's that were made before that, that are 30-06 have been re-chambered (drilled out to chamber the larger round). The Mauser made in 1951 is considered more valuable (collectible) because they were originally chambered for 30-06 rather than re-chambered later in their lifetime.
The production on the 1951 Mausers was pretty low scale too, because by that time Germany was already using semi-auto weapons, the Mausers were pretty much made as a backup rifle, because the semi-autos were new and the Germans were not sure that they were as reliable as they ought to be. So the production level was pretty low scale.
Lynden, WA

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