Washington State Anti Gun Bill

Just recently WA State had a near miss with an anti gun bill that the liberals were trying to pass, this anti gun bill affected mainly the personal sale of firearms at gun shows. It would limit the sale of firearms to gun dedalers only at gun shows. This is one more freedom that we cannot let slip through our fingers. This bill is now considered "dead" by the WA State legislature because it did not meet the cut off deadline. However the odds did not look good, and the same bill can be brought up again next legislative season.

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Alex said...

Washington State Arms Collectors already requires all members to have a background check before they can purchase any firearms at a gun show. Gun shows in Western Washington are only hosted by Washington State Arms Collectors. Those of us in Eastern Washington like to trade guns freely. The idiot lawmakers on the west side trying to pass this bill were too retarded to figure this out and were trying to pass legislation to close their imaginary gun show “loophole” that doesn't even exist. Maybe they should try attending a gun show sometime. Guns are not handed out to criminals. These anti-second amendment lawmakers need to grow a brain. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.