Remington Model 798 Mauser

Remington has got rights to re-produce the Mauser bolt action. The Mauser bolt action is the most trusted bolt action of all time. It survived with flying colors WW I and again saw service in WW II as a sniper rifle. The Mauser Bolt action is known for its smooth sliding action and it's ability to lock a shell tightly into the chamber of the rifle, utilizing all the propellant gas's to speed the bullet on it's way; Making the Mauser bolt action harder hitting, and far more accurate.
Remington makes this phenomenal bolt action, and the same Mauser quality is still present in Remington's model 798. Unlike the Mauser that was only available in 30-06, the Remington Model 798 Mauser is available in almost any rifle round you want, anything between a .458 Winchester Magnum and a 243 Win. Grooved for a scope this great rifle is not made for casual shooting, the barrel and receiver are clean of sights, the barrel is blued. The stock that comes with the Remington Model 798 Mauser is brown laminate, laminated stocks are super tough, but you still get that awesome wood look. One caution about laminate stocks though; it is not likely to happen, but if any moisture penetrates beneath the laminate on the stock, the wood can warp, no one wants a warped stock, so just be sure you don't crack your laminate stock. If you crack the laminate you are really abusive, and you deserve it anyway though, because they come water tight and they are really tough! You can find the Remington Model 798 for sale on they have great deals.
Lynden, WA

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that Remington is just importing the barreled actions from Serbia? They are the same ones used for the Charles Daly a while ago. A quick google search can find out the whole story. Also, the original mauser was not offered in .30-06 (just the springfield 03) but rather 7x57 then later 7,92x57. I'm sure you knew about the caliber thing though...