Walther p22

The Walther p22 is a great .22 automatic pistol for a first handgun. All the things you can do with a Walther p22 is one of the best things about it. All models of the Walther p22 are equipped with a rail mount. You can mount just about anything you wawnt on this rail mount, a tactical light, a tactical laser, or you can get one of those laser/light combos. The basic model of the Walther p22 has a 3.4" inch barrel, but you can extend the barrel with the target barrel add-on. Just in case you don't quite know what I mean I will explain in easier words. The Walther p22 has a short 3.4" in barrel, but the Walther p22 is made in such a wawy as to be able to add another length of barrel on it; making the Walther p22 5" in! the basic Walther p22 costs about $279 and the target Walther p22 with changeable barrels is about $379
Lynden, WA

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