Kimber 1911 .45 ACP TLE 2

When LAPD SWAT needed duty pistols they insisted on a 1911. After testing five major brands they bought Kimber. When the U.S.A. Shooting Pistol Team needed a 1911 for action competition they called Kimber. Tacoma PD and the Marine Corps Special Operation Command also picked Kimber. Why? Kimber 1911 pistols are the best.
The new Stainless TLE 2 is one of sixty Kimber 1911 models. A stainless steel version of the pistol carried by LAPD SWAT, it features Merprolight night sights and 30 LPI front strap checkering from the Kimber Custom Shop. Like all Kimber pistols, it has a mach grade barrel, chamber and trigger group.
the new Kimber Tactical Extractor is also standard and completely reliable under even the toughest field conditions.
Like every Kimber pistol, the Stainless TLE 2 is proudly made in America. From LAPD Swat to the toughest Marines in the world, America's best shooters keep choosing Kimber. Join them, and carry the best. You can find the Kimber TLE 2 for sale on

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