The Perfect Rifle

The AR-10A4 shoots a .308 calibur bullet. Normally the .308 ammo is to powerful for an assault rifle, but with the new design the AR-10A4 harnesses the power of the .308 round combining the power of the .308, the precision of the .308 and a low recoil feature that makes it the perfect rifle regardless of what field you are in.
The AR-10A4 from ArmaLite is on of the most advanced, accurate, and highly dependable rifles on the market today. With a change of load or exchange of the top end, an AR-10A4 assumes a whole new role. This versatility allows you to switch between police or target work, to a superior hunting rifle, the .308 Cal. 7.62 mm AR-10 has amazing accuracy with extreme knock-down power; all the wile offering recoil that is far less than the standard big game rifle. If you are a big game hunter, challenge the perception, if you want a multi-purpose rifle, look no further than the AR-10A4 from ArmaLite. You can buy the Armalite AR-10 on

Lynden, WA

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